Pet Bereavement Support and Care with Bach Flower Remedies

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You don't have to bear this on your own.

Having worked in small animal veterinary practice, and having counselled bereaved pet owners for many years, I know the depth of love people have for their animal companions, and I know how heartbreaking and debilitating their loss can be.

When a pet dies, whether through planned euthanasia, or by circumstances outside an owner's control - or disappears, or is rehomed due to allergy, relationship breakdown, or death of a family member - the loss (and the complexity of that loss) can result in extreme emotions and deep grieving.

This can take many forms, including being unable to sleep, eat, or cope with day-to-day things. An owner can be become overwhelmed by grief, caught up in going over and over what happened, experiencing shock, anger, guilt; becoming engulfed and disabled by waves of tears and other physical manifestations of grief.

Can Bach Flower Remedies really help when an owner's in utter despair at the loss of their beloved pet? Can they actually help to find light in the darkest of times - when someone's tormented by guilt, rendered helpless by grief, by the pain of unbearable decisions, and when the loss is simply too much to bear?

The answer is simply 'yes'. Yes, they can.

As a client said to me recently, it's not that the Remedies take away the pain - they don't. But they do give you the strength to carry it.

The Remedies are specific - for example, there's Pine for the debilitating guilt, Mimulus for the fear that the wrong decision was made, Cherry Plum for feeling like lashing out.

And there's Star Of Bethlehem, the 'comforter and soother of pains and sorrows' to enable a bereaved owner reach a more peaceful, supported state of mind and heart.

Sessions are a full 60 minutes, include a bespoke bottle of Remedies, and cost £45.00.

And whether your grief is recent, or it's from years ago - you don't have to bear this on your own.

Paper cutting by Vanessa Stone.

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