about Bach Flower Remedies and how they can help

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  • Do they work?

    Yes. The Bach Flower Remedies are gentle, effective, are in drop form, and can be taken by all ages, including babies and the elderly. They can also be given to animals and plants. With no risk of overdose, and able to mix with almost all medication, they were developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a medical doctor who worked in bacteriology and pathology, and they can be purchase over the counter and health food shops, or online.

  • What happens in a consultation?

    I offer a choice of ways of working with clients, including by phone, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Messenger. Consultations are 60 minutes, and the fee includes posting your bespoke bottle of Remedies to you. I can offer you Remedies in either a grape brandy or a vegetable glycerine preservative, and we can talk about which you'd prefer.

    It's often beneficial for us to see each other, as we can discuss the most helpful Remedies in 'real time'.
    However, I do understand that there may not be a quiet place, or a safe space, in your home, and in these situations, email is our best way of communicating. I may have to email you a couple of times, to ask you some questions, before posting a bottle out to you.

    Your bottle is prepared with care in a hygienic environment, where I wear gloves and a mask.
    Your bottle has a shelf-life of three weeks, and can be stored in the fridge when not with you.

    If you already know which Remedies you require, I can post a bottle to you.
    The price for this is £20.00

    Consultations, and posting bottles without consultation, are pre-paid by bank transfer,
    details of which will you'll receive when booking your appointment or requesting a bottle.

    If what I offer isn't quite right for you, I may be able to refer you to a colleague for counselling etc.

  • Do I have to believe in them for it to work?

    No. Some of my most delighted clients are those who were the most sceptical to begin with. What proved the Bach Flower Remedies to me was the transformation of behaviour of two dogs - the first from a state of terror to steady calm during a thunderstorm and the second, whose fear of travelling in a car resulted in uncontrollable salivation, vomiting and elimination, to being able to travel happily enough in the car.
    In each case, nothing more than the Remedies was given.

  • How much is a consultation?

    A consultation of 60 minutes, together with a bespoke bottle of up to 7 Remedies including P&P, is £45.00.

    If you know which remedies you would like, and you don't require a consultation,
    the fee for your bespoke bottle is £20.00, including P&P.

    Pre-payment is made through bank transfer, details of which will be given when you make an appointment/request.

"I have used Anji Baker's services on several occasions with positive results. Anji was very professional, calm and caring during the consultations, giving me space to discuss my circumstances, whilst ensuring I was comfortable to do so. As the consultations happened by phone, the fact that we live 270 miles apart has not inhibited me from accessing this support. I received the Bach Flower Remedies that had been prepared for me personally, promptly by post. I recommend Anji to family, friends and anyone who will listen." MLF

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