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I set up Pet Bereavement Counselling in Scotland over twenty years ago, when grieving for a beloved pet's loss was very much a taboo subject. My work in a small animal veterinary practice, combined with my counselling training, enabled me to develop the necessary skills to help people.
2018 brought a new way of working, and I love using the Bach Flower Remedies with clients. The gentle and effective supportiveness of the remedies sits very well with me - and yes, I do use them myself.
I'm currently training to become a Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner. That takes me to where I started my Bach adventure, with my love of animals, and seeing how effectively the remedies worked with dogs suffering anxiety and terror during car journeys and thunderstorms.
I'm a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, and love to spend my spare time at the seaside with my family - both human and canine.
I am also an Accredited Member of The National Counselling Society, but currently not in practice.

If you are looking for counselling, I recommend Rose Noonan (MBACP Accredited) on 07986 259 111.

"Like many people I can become quite an anxious traveler, particularly when I fly. I over-imagine the worst case scenario and become frozen and tearful. I explained all this to Anji as we discussed other feelings and concerns. Anji listened carefully, was encouraging without over-prompting or suggesting and we arrived at a mix of remedies. I started the drops as suggested and flew home. It was a windy day and the landing was buffeting and bouncy. If that had happened on the way up I would have been in a state of terror, but I sat and read my book and breathed. We landed safely and I was euphoric. The difference can only have been the Bach remedies which I now call my 'Terror Drops'!" - CK

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